Identify and Verify Breaking News Sources On Twitter


Legit helps reporters identify and verify information from sources on the ground at breaking news events. When an on-the-scene witness posts photos, videos or more online via social media, Legit lets reporters:

  • Identify geotagged tweets close to a breaking news event's location
  • Queue tweets from a breaking news scene for verification
  • Reach out to breaking news witnesses who are posting to social media

Future Ideas

  1. Hoax bot - for false items, tweet at people who retweet this.
  2. Different/better sorting criteria
  3. Adjustable sorting weights
  4. Combining tweets from multiple keywords
  5. More social sources (instagram, reddit)
  6. Management of rate limiting
  7. Outputs: dashboard for editorial use, quick view for reader use, auto-creation of storify

Created at #SNDMakes Boston

Legit is a prototype and was created at #SNDMakes, a hackathon created by the Society for News Design and hosted by Upstatement. #SNDMakes participants gathered in Boston on October 17-19, 2014 and split into six project teams to try to build prototypes to enhance the content creation process for news.

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  3. See presentation and discussion notes for #SNDMakes Boston


Stephen Clancy, manager of site development, ESPN
Sean Dillingham, Product Design & Engineering Manager, KPCC
Doug Harris, Chief Software Architect, Slate
Steve McKinney, Software Engineer, Vox Media
David Putney, User Experience Designer, Boston Globe
Emily Taylor, Project Manager, Upstatement
Lisa Williams, Fairy Godmother, Investigative News Network

Photo credits: WTO Protests, Steve Kaiser, Boulder Floods, Sgt. Joseph K. VonNida